If you have, or have had, cancer then a Restore and Revitalise retreat is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have cancer for the first time, whether it has recurred, or whether you have been in remission for years we have something to offer you. Likewise, you are very welcome if you are caring for someone with cancer or have lost a loved one to cancer.


We hope that by supporting you in ways that complement traditional medical care we can help you to improve the effectiveness of your treatment and minimise the time spent in hospital, support you while you find your feet once the treatment is over, and offer tools to help prevent recurrence.


Working with a team of highly experienced and trained therapists, teachers and chefs we have crafted a programme to help you relax and recover your strength and zest for life. This includes daily yoga, meditation and relaxation session, soothing therapies, fun and inspiring activities to support your wellbeing, and plenty of space and time to relax and rest. Mealtimes are convivial and the food delicious and nourishing. All this in the setting of a luxurious chateau surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Retreats are held in Spring, Summer and Autumn

For further information:

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