Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

Arranged retreats for groups and therapeutic stays for groups, individuals and couples from April to October
(incl.) on a full board basis. Periods are variable and the programme is whatever is required for the situation.

Group retreats at Le Sentier Tranquille draw on the natural ambiance of our surroundings, as well as Simon's background of counsellor-therapist.  Without conflicting with any spiritual tradition or any other meditation approach, he seeks to anchor understanding in the essence of our being the human beings we are, needing to relate effectively with every aspect of the world going on around us.  This is where true insight must come from, undistorted by the clutter that has built up from our years of struggling to survive.


Le Sentier Tranquille

The lower lawn

The patio

In our "Mindfulness, Meditation and Relationship" group retreats the meditation following the channel of the 'clear space path' is coupled with teaching which draws on the work of Carl Rogers, Martin Buber and Eugene Gendlin and allows us a vision of ourselves as a human being connected... with ourselves, with others and with our planet.

Each retreat day follows a typical (but not rigid) pattern, which starts with a silent meditation (not obligatory but encouraged) and is followed by breakfast. There is a morning session which includes teaching and practice and, after a break, discussion and perhaps a sharing of individual experience and insights. There is a walk after lunch, which can bring another opportunity for practice and exchange. Following our evening meal there is a closing short themed meditation.

In our "Musicking Mindfulness Retreat" you will discover how mindfulness is really about Flow, with its three aspects - Musicking, Dialoguing and Levelling. The mornings will develop these through teaching, discussion and practice; the afternoons will be for walking or for your own creativity or reading or relaxation or improvisation or individual work with Simon if you wish; the evenings are a community period and can be story-telling, your own experiences, themed meditation... a closing of the day. And, as with all our retreats, there will be good food, wine, companionship, relaxation and the opportunity for counselling-therapy if you wish.

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In our "Music of the Mountains Meditation Retreat" for groups, each morning we will go to a different location for the very special experience of simply sitting in the presence of the mountains.

We will contemplate, sing, sit in meditation, listen to stories, (have a break for refreshment!) and then take a short walk before returning to the centre for a late-ish lunch. The rest of the afternoon will be free for you to use as you wish... read, take a walk, make music, or simply talk... and Simon will always be around for an individual conversation if you wish.

No previous musical experience required - this is about discovering our own voice and expressing ourselves in our own way.
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